When will

it end sooner or later

will I even know when the days start to seem different

like shorter because I’m sleeping more.

Or will it all seem longer as I read more and get lost in what’s in front of me and not in everything  going on around me as it all just fades away.

And I’m all alone before I know what happened and maybe at first it will be sad but

over time it will just become my new normal and maybe over time I will accept that and move on.

Will I know when the time will come or will it just happen and I just happen to wake up one day and know everything is different.

And I feel different and only a few things make me feel connected to this world but all the worldly things just don’t do it for me anymore.

I just don’t feel that desire to crave the things that everyone else is looking forward too and then I wonder what I am I looking forward too.

When will I know this is it and there is nothing to go back too and I don’t feel sad about the things that I’ve left behind and the things that left me behind.

I’ll finally be at a place in my life where all that I thought I needed was never  mine and all that I have now is all that I ever needed.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes