Daily Prompt: Passenger

Everyone is rushing around trying to get last-minute tickets

something to eat before they have to board their train and go on a short or long trip.

They don’t want to leave anything behind or forget to get something before they get home.

All passenger listen carefully to make sure they don’t miss their train home for they don’t want to have to risk having to catch another one.

As you walk calmly to get to your train, you see people rushing by to get a great seat and your just hoping to catch a quick nap before getting home tonight.

Because you know you have a lot to get done and you just want to do you’re best to finish it all before tomorrow so you can rest and do an awesome job at presenting your project to a crowd that can make or break what you’ve worked so hard at these last couple of months.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Passenger

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