Daily Prompt: Substandard

He loved walking through his neighborhood and seeing all the nice lawns  and newly painted doors and window frames. And seeing all the people enjoying these last weeks of summer before fall comes and everyone goes but to their super busy lives. And as he comes to the end of his street he sees the…Read more »

Daily Prompt: Pest

I didn’t want to call you a pest but every time I tried to get something done there you were. Asking another question and you would walk away only to ask another question a couple of minutes later. I had to run and hide for you just wouldn’t leave me alone, I tried to be…Read more »

Give me hope

Sometimes the words that I read give me the hope I didn’t see around me that day the hope that not all people are crazy or  evil. And maybe just maybe I will be treated better than I was yesterday and do these people feel bad at the end of the day. Because their behavior…Read more »