Daily Prompt: Commit

I commit to you not just today

but every moment of my life.

I owe you everything for you saved me

and you keep saving me.

I’m lost without you and I struggle with you but

that’s only because you want me to learn and do better.

And how can I grow if everything is easy and not complicated, You lift me up and committing to you comes easy to me now.

I’ve become someone because of you and my worth was defined before I opened my eyes and entered into this world.

I am who  I am supposed to be because of you and I won’t stop writing and believing because you fuel me when I can’t seem to function without you.

Getting by day by day without you on mind and without you in my heart is like living in this world but walking around like a zombie with no purpose or direction.

Always hungry for something to fill me up but it won’t happen because you are the reason I feel complete now.

No longer feeling lost looking for something or someone to fill up the emptiness inside of me only to be disappointed when the emptiness is still there and growing bigger.

And no amount of time is making it better and I grew completely clueless and hopeless and dramatic.

But, one day you helped me finally wake up and walk away from the life I thought was the right one.

So today I commit to you Lord and only you, for without you nothing else would really matter or hold an interest.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Commit

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