Daily Prompt: Survive

I just want to survive the days and years that seem to hard.

But, I don’t want to survive them just to make it by each day with no life lesson learned.

I want to feel every emotion and live in every moment.

Even when those moments aren’t so great and I just want them to get better.

And they will only in time, so I have to keep surviving to see what more this life can offer me.

I will survive for me and walk slowly through the journey I am on.

For I don’t want to miss seeing the wonders before me.

For when it is time for me to go I want to feel like I conquered more than just a few things.

I want to look back and say I survived it all and God was on that walk with me and without him my chances were slim.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Survive