The words

are consistently running through my mind and as much as I want them to come out

they won’t.

Just like you won’t reach out and say something to me, the last words we said to each other will be the final last words.

And I would be sad about it but how long can I be sad about something I have no control over.

I’m so tired that I just want the words to come out and for you to hear them and for that to be end of this issue.

But, it’s like I keep talking myself down and so the words just go back inside a locked space inside my mind until next time.

But, as days go by I fear there will be no next time and maybe we wasted too much time ignoring the things in front of us.

That we didn’t see our time running out and as the days go on a reminder goes off somewhere saying our time has expired and everything left unsaid.

Has no ears to hear and no mouth to be spoken from it’s just gone.

And I feel nothing now and the words locked inside of me just become forgotten and unimportant as I start to more on in life.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes