Daily Prompt: Impression

Sometimes first impression don’t workout

and they leave you wishing you hadn’t said or acted that way.

You hope that second chances are given or maybe they forgot that

awkward person was you and move on from the moment.

Or first impressions go so well that you remember how amazing meeting that person

was but you totally forgot their name and you don’t want to make things awkward next time when you can’t say more than hey.

First impressions are something we all care about and something we always have in the back of our mind.

But, soon were just being ourselves and first impressions are no longer an issue as we get to know each other.

Maybe we will remember the moment we first met each other and maybe we won’t but, we will know how we feel about each other now as time has gone by.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Impression