Do I

say sorry when I’ve led you into my heart only to throw you out when my heart doesn’t want or need to be loved anymore.

Do I start to shut down because I’ve been shut out by others

Did I make a mistake by letting others into my life only to be hurt and somehow broken for a lifetime.

How do I just accept this new life when it feels so lonely and hopeless sometimes.

Should I spend my time crying for people who have long forgotten me or do I stand strong and move on and close myself off. 

Or do I just keep opening myself up and trust that not everyone is the same and this time maybe it will be different.

I guess sometimes in life taking a risk can truly be life changing.

The smile I wear on my face now is not fake anymore for it’s genuinely showing how I feel inside and outside.

Maybe I was living this thing called life the wrong way and now that my path seems brighter.

I too can feel more alive and free from the hold of keep things and people around far too long.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes