Daily Prompt: Final

The final days seem to blow my mind

as the end result was something I never

saw coming.

I stand on the top of the hill looking down at the life

I used to have.

The moments when I smiled and laughed so hard that my face hard.

To say the final moments were the ones I planned out would be a lie

but, I’m embracing the things that have turned my life upside down.

Even though my heart is breaking I must be strong and carry on for the finish line I have yet cross.

But, when I do I know I won’t be the little girl you knew or the woman you thought I would turn out to be in the end anyway.

Maybe I will turn out better or I will be your worst nightmare but, only my final days will tell you my story.

For now you can take a ride and enjoy the things I’ve created in this place and how much more I have to offer.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Final