Daily Prompt: Maze

Life can be one big maze and as you walk through it.

Sometimes you run into a lot of dead ends

and you sometimes feel like you may never make it to the end.

But, you remember your not alone and you close your eyes and you pray.

And you ask to be guided through the things you can’t do alone.

And as you open your eyes, your feet start to move you in a new direction.

It feels like you’ve been walking for hours and hours.

And just as you are about to give up, you see a light up ahead and soon you running.

Towards what you hope is your way out of this maze.

Even though you have arrived to this new place and everything is great you soon realize.

That there will always be more mazes to get through and your ready to conquer them all.

But, for now you will rest and enjoy the things that are in your life now.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Maze


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