voice is such a unique sound  that the moment you open

your mouth to talk or sing.

It’s like hearing angels above singing praise to something

so great and wonderful.

Your blessing that not even you seem to realize on days when you are

down and nothing seems to chill you up.

But, with those little precious eyes she asks her daddy to sing her a song

and you smile and sing with all your heart.

And, in that moment I see you truly alive and  you begin to believe in yourself again.

For you know now that you’re not just fighting your demons for yourself anymore but also for you little angel.

Who looks up to you and you don’t want to disappoint her so early in life or at all.

So you fight like you never fought before and I see the man I fall in love with again and my hope that this time you will stay strong.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes