I can see the change in myself.

Everyone else sees nothing

questions nothing

Worries about everything but the issue around me.

So much going on no one to tell

and that’s okay for I only have just one thing to tell

and the fact is you won’t be the one to hear it.

Maybe no one will hear it

and it will just disappear with me.

As I become something new and the old me

will be forgotten and all the memories will be gone too.

Only if you just took a moment and open your eyes, your mind, and your ears

and listen to what I have to say.

I’ll leave it all on a voice mail and I know you won’t listen to it until it’s too late

for the number you have reached has been disconnected.

And everywhere you look there will be no trace of me the girl you used to know

the one who was there but you always looked past for there were others that seem to

take in everything better than her.

She waited and waited and finally knew there really was nothing to hold on to anymore

and just like that you decide it’s time to come back.

But, this time she is gone not even a crumble of food to trace her with.

No finger prints left on any of the furniture left behind

it’s like she vanished but really she was erased from your life

the memories of her slowly fade from your mind.

Until one day when you hear the sound of a girls voice and your ears puck up and, you swear it’s her that you hear.

But, when your head turns and your eyes land on the girl, it’s not her and the empty place in your heart that you thought closed up for good.

Just rips right open and pain hits you, like a knife to the heart

you feel like your can’t breath and your life is slowing pouring out of you.

As you slowly take a breath you realize for the first time what you truly lost that day

so long ago.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes