Daily Prompt: Panicked

It had been days since we last talked and it didn’t end well

And I panicked that you wouldn’t talk to me again.

But, I know I’d wait around waiting to hear from you because

you meant that much to me.

However, I had got such a great job offer and so I’d be leaving

behind everything that I grew up with.

For a great opportunity and I didn’t know if you would meet up

with me before I left.

But, somehow you reached out before I could and the panic feeling I had

been holding onto and carrying around with me each day.

Just evaporated and I was free and I had my friend back and before I left

we ended on such a right note that I was so excited to come back and visit.

As, I boarded the plane that day I smiled and knew everything would be okay

on this new journey in my life.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Panicked