not going to stop looking for you.

The day you left was a surprise for me

the things they told you were not true.

But, they knew it would send you packing

and it would leave me all alone and an easy target.

I stayed and took every blow they fired at me but, today

I’ve had enough.

And I’m on my way to find you and live my life out with you and our


The three of us can fight any battle together for you are my shield and I am your sword

and together we are unstoppable.

But  apart we can only fight for so long without failing and fall down with so many wounds.

It may take days and weeks or even months but, I will find you all on my own and I

won’t ever let you go.

You won’t ever doubt me again or even doubt our love for you will trust me and I know that you know when I’m lying.

But, you were hurt and angry before more lies came firing at you and you had no way to protect yourself from it all.

And so I understand why you left but when we become one again there will be no going back.

Your heart will heal and so will mine and the bond that is there  will grow stronger as the years go on.

We will slowly forget about the bad memories of the past and make more wonderful and joyful memories that will cover up our scars.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes