All alone

I watch as the world goes by me

like a ghost in my present.

Everyone walks all around me like I just

faded from their memories and all I want to do is not

to dislike them because I care.

But no matter how many times I scream for them to look

at me they just seem to ignore me.

They look me right in the face and smile and walk away taking a part of me with them.

They don’t respond for me but they reach out when they need something.

But, lately the wanting to reach out is slowly fading from me and as I walked down the street.

I notice how light I seem to be walking now

and  I realized that I’ve faded away almost completely.

The hope that I can come back is so small that it will take a

miracle to save me from disappearing and all I can do now is

stand here and wait.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes



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