Daily Prompt: Climbing

I’m climbing to the top and every now and then

I stumble and fall a couple of steps.

But, instead of giving up I keep going

and sometimes it feels like someone else is carrying me through it all.

Today I feel like I’ve finally reached the top and there you are with a helping hand

to pull me up to my final destination.

The hands and feet that kept me from getting this far is gone and I am so alive right now

that I can’t hold a grudge against them or be mad at all.

All I can do is smile and laugh and cry happy tears at this moment that feels so unreal right now.

So much I have gone through and at times I have let the negativity get to me and drag me down so far.

I thought and felt there was no coming back from this but, some how and some way I made it to the top.

So would think I just had a good day and my luck was up.

But, I know the truth for the hand that reached out to me that day was my lord and the hands and feet that grabbed and kicked at me was my enemies.

They couldn’t see what I saw waiting for me at the top so they did all they could to tear me down.

Yet, I climbed on with more determined than I could build up myself.

For I had to get to the top and I couldn’t just sit down here and wish one day I had the guts to do it.

I had to act now and climb with all my might and not look down or back for one foot and hand at time.

Would get me to where I’m meant to be and I can say now and later that the climb was so worth it.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily prompt: Climbing