Things were going  so well

until you felt a little threaten.

And everything that tasted so pure

was now poison  to the tongue.

You made the poison go straight to her heart and as the lights went out, you felt no regrets as the girl you  loved you once was gone.

You just felt the victory of the race you felt you won, because now no one could have her and the laugh and smartass mouth you loved so much.

Was cold to touch and as the recognition kicked in you because a puddle of sadness and you realize you didn’t just harm her and break her.

You broke yourself as well and no there was no going back, and you don’t want to go forward knowing it was all your fault.

So you accept the poison of you’re doing and you join your love and you realize then you had nothing to worry about for she was yours for the keeping.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes