No time to looking back

anymore for I have new hope that this will workout

for me in the end.

When the sun is shining brightly from the beginning and the peaceful feeling is washing over me today.

I know that things will look and be good for me and those around me.

I don’t have time to look back at the things I missed out on or the things in the present that are not apart of my life.

I live for the now and if you’re not apart of my present than that’s on you not me and I smile knowing that I made the best out of what I had.

And the possibilities are just starting and future holds so much for me but I’m going to focus on the present and light up everything that comes my way.

Because, this year is the battle of a lifetime and I won’t stop fighting.

Even when my hope gets low, I will just rely on my faith to carry me through it no matter what.

For I don’t have time to look back when the most important things are right in front of me.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes