I used to

think my life would end up on a path so much different from the one I’m on

but I never thought I see  the connection that grew as I aged up turn into dust

and fade away before I had a chance to mend them.

Time sometimes sneaks up on us and when it’s time to think where it all went wrong

it’s too late or the truth is not around anymore.

So you’re lost and so confused on how it all could have went so this way or maybe

you know the times you slowly but surely walked away and just maybe you thought someone would notice your gone.

But, life has a funny way of showing you just how unimportant you are when you are all alone and no one is trying to find out what happened to you.

You want to be bitter and sad and miserable but you still see the good in the world that has started to close its doors on you.

You smile and you don’t let the bad and lonely moments turn you into someone who doesn’t have some hope left in you.

That little hope keeps you going when time gets so tough that breathing seems like the last thing you should care about.

That little hope carries you on for so long that everything in the past doesn’t bother you anymore but you wouldn’t open that door to the things that don’t matter anymore.

You live with the possibility that someone will remember you and that the connections of today and yesterday will continue and not everyone will leave you.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes



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