I just

got these feelings and no amount of time away is going to make them stop growing. A lifetime of feelings for people who may not care anymore. For those who don’t know that I ever existed for I’m just another person walking in the crowd Another mouth to feed. Another life to save with words or…Read more »

Daily Prompt: Perfume

It was  Saturday, his favorite day of the week for his favorite customer would come by his store wearing the only perfume he liked. The smell was so sweet and fresh like the roses his mother always had one the kitchen countertop. She is always friendly and the perfume that she wore was not the only…Read more »

I stood

there and just take it all in as your words wash down me like water I’m frozen in time as each word echo’s in my ear. With no end to the words that end everything that felt right to me I thought finally things were looking up for me and  then it was all gone.…Read more »