I wonder about what happened to you

but I know your future isn’t my concern anymore.

As I move on in the present sometimes you slip back into my mind

as if something just needed me to think about our time together.

But, as quickly as you come you disappear and I’m happy for the past should stay

put away for a reason.

My day is better than it was before and life is so much more simpler

I don’t say the wrong things that much now and I don’t second guess anything.

I listen to my gut and things turn out so much better.

No blinders on as I see everything so clear and I know these years will just grow with more strength and hope and happiness.

Nothing to look back on but the things that made me stronger and everything else just is blur

for I’m living for now and not worrying about the things I could have had or shouldn’t have had at in the first place.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes



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