So much

to gain from this life

even when were all going in different directions.

The connections that I’m fighting for don’t just end

now even when I’m so alone.

Do I just give up on so much because this path has changed

Or do I just embrace the new change and face my fears head on for once.

Do I just let the things just seem to cut of the words in my throat

win in the end.

Do I just walk away so that my hands never have to shake when my voice shakes.

Do I just not ever look anyone in the eyes again just so the nerves never get me again.

Maybe I could live like this but what life would that be to live this way.

Would I truly be happy in this life where fear is what leads me through my life.

Or Do I just take every punch in life no matter how tough or confusing it gets, my weakness will not make me just walk away from it all.

I’ve come to far to just let it go no matter how easy it would seem to be.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes