Your voice got me falling all over again

and I know this time I won’t have to worry about the end.

For living in the moment is all I can take right now

I’m floating on air and the music playing around me as we do our dance.

Is ever lasting and I just feel like I can do this dance all day and night and never

grow tired.

As I look into your eyes I see hope and so much joy shining through as your laughter and my mix together to make the most beautiful sound.

Were both so full of life that this moment could be all we have and I would be so happy just reliving it over and over in my memories.

I know that today could be our last and so I don’t want to waste it fighting over anything but just breathing in the fresh air and running inside for some warmth.

Today will be spent the right way and no cold air can freeze this loving moment we have together.

As the words pour out your mouth and I catch them all and tuck them away in a special place in my mind.

I smile up and you and I know falling for you this time will be my last for the happiness I gained with you could last for a lifetime.

A lifetime I willing to fight with you if only those words are true.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes



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