Daily Prompt: Symbiosis

Some say living with one’s parents can be quite difficult but others will say it was the best years of their life.

But we all out grow the living with the parents as a mean of someone looking over you like a mother bird or father bird.

Making sure you did everything right and stayed out of trouble, you built a relationship with them.

Or you didn’t build a relationship with them and in the end does that affect the way you may one day build a relationship with your child?

Sometimes it is hard to give someone something you never had or to recreate what you did have in a more positive one.

In the end you came from two people wanting to build a relationship with you or you came from one’s that didn’t want to build for they just accepted that you were something they could just handle for now.

The relationship can go from good to bad or just stay bad or not exist at all.

And if it doesn’t exist when you think about it later on in life will it affect you or will you not be changed for things that came and happen before you.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Symbiosis


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