You tried to come back into my life-like a bad dream.

Your like the shadows in my room at night, only you don’t scary me anymore.

I know you are just the shadow of a t-shirt hanging in my closet.

But, as a child you were a monster reaching out to get me in my sleep.

Like a nightmare you haunt me now and then as if you can’t seem to move on in life.

For something’s are better left in the past.

Time moves on and on and the safe feeling that you are gone is always around.

But, some where there is doubt in the back of my mind.

Knowing you are just waiting around the corner.

Just to say hello, not seeming to get the hint.

All I have to say is goodbye and awake up this is just a nightmare.

I’m not really here wanting to see you.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes