Daily Prompt: Meaningless

You said that you would always keep your promises when it came to me

but I soon found out that was a lie.

And you would show up like you did what you said, taking the credit of something someone else did.

Your apologies all the words you spit out were meaningless to me for I saw you for what you were.

A liar !

I saw what you were doing and to you it was nothing but a small white lie and even though you had a closet full of these little small white lies.

No harm was coming of it for you felt you had not got caught, so there was no reason to tell the truth.

Your words were meaningless not only to me but to everyone around you, for you didn’t just lie to me.

You lied to the people who had always been there for you and you didn’t even seem to care that your lie had end years of friendships.

Because you did not do anything wrong at least that’s what you keep repeating to yourself now that this is the situation you have to live with.

I would feel sorry for you but the five  chances I gave you just didn’t seem worth fighting for anymore, you knew what was going on and just didn’t care.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Meaningless


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