Daily Prompt:Symptom

My symptoms are being over-tired

lacking of creativity.

Normal life symptoms that can tear one down

if you choose to give up.

Why not just rest for the thoughts and the words meant to come out

will come out in due time.

So much pressure on doing things right the first time have you frustrated

and just so focus on that one task that you let time slip away from you.

And you miss out on the what if’s and what could have been.

You try at the time not to let the things that you missed out on bother you but sometimes

when you slow down those missed moments come to mind.

And you think about it for a couple of minutes and then you decide I can’t change what didn’t happen back than.

But, I will change it now in this moment and focus on the things I can do now to make my symptoms less painful and less life threating.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Symptom


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