The Flame

of my warmth is slowly burning out as you look at the glow in my eyes fade

will you remember how wonderful I was as I walk around like an empty shell.

You will try to open me up and find out where it all went wrong a wall of ultimate strength will block you from finding me.

You will try with all your might to break through because you promised that you would always help me find my way back when life gets to be too much.

You sweat and swear and cry as you pound away at this wall, barely making a scratch at first.

It takes days and hours  to chip away at it but finally after a long week of beating it down you finally slip inside and find me curled up into a ball.

Your warmth lights the fire in me again and we back come back to reality.

My walls forever broken by the love you have for me.

Love you want to last a lifetime but only if I believe and trust in you.

And so you put out your hand and I choice to hold on to you no matter what comes our way

for you are my  protector now and the only thing keeping the evil out of me.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes