I am only

as strong as you let me be

and sometimes it’s hard to be

more than what I think I am capable to be.

I want to grow so strong that the little things don’t

bring me down anymore.

I won’t just sit here and let it all fade away for I can’t seem to snap out of this

quick enough.

I don’t let many in for once in they are in they just disappear and then I’m left with an empty hole

of what I thought would be a friendship of a lifetime.

Life is seems too short when you living it in that moment and the next you know

someone is gone, and all it feels like is you just met them yesterday.

Will you forget who I am now?

Or remember me for what I was when I am gone?

Only you can me that choice now or live with the regret later!




Written By: Deirdre Stokes