Daily Prompt: Conquer

You conquered my soul, my heart that day

Nothing seemed to shine brighter than you.

Your smile won me over as you opened your arms up to me

You whispered away my fears and the things that hurt me.

You said as long as you lived I would be safe in your arms and I believed you,

even though I didn’t deserve your heart or soul you gave it to me freely.

I never thought I would love to smile this much but no matter what I did you made me laugh and safe at the same time.

You got me before you knew everything about me  and, I felt like this battle  I never wanted someone to win was conquered.

And I never felt so alive and in the end the love we shared was pure and true, and even though there are days when I fight against  you.

I always end up fighting beside you for no one can break what we have and this battle before us will be conquered together until our time together is over.




Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Conquer

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