I just

don’t know what to say anymore as the darkness swallows me whole on this Friday night.

The cold air sucks me in and no matter how much I try to find some warmth the result is not good.

I’m drowning in a frozen lake with nothing to hang onto  as I slowly sink into the water so cold, but in the end I don’t feel the cold anymore  as my last breath seems to go out.

And, then like a miracle a hand reaches into the water and saves me

and I no longer feel like there is no saving me this time.

The long day turns into an even longer night and I just want to forget about the things that I don’t have anymore.

I don’t want to feel sad about the people or things no longer around and just embrace the challenge ahead.

I realized maybe I’m ghost to most but I’m light to others and as I try to continue to shine bright.

At times my light dims out and needs time to recharge  as I shut down the things that bothered me before.

I try to face it all but this battle can’t be fought alone and so I take your hand and I hear you voice.

And I let you lead me to the saver and more stable side, where all the situations seem so much more clearer.

And the people are much more understandable, The attitude is approachable and not on high alert.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes