Daily Prompt: Controversy

I don’t agree with you and so a disagreement is started

and the fight starts out just as innocent as every other one.

But, so how this disagreement became so much bigger than just the two of us

soon others were joining in and the results were not looking good for us.

Sides had been drawn and fights were breaking out left and right and I just wish I could go back a couple of hours ago.

And just have kept my mouth shut because this is too much for me and I just can’t believe that you let it get this far.

And as the nasty things were said you just looked as if you had nothing to do with and when it finally went too far.

That was the only time you jumped up as if waken from a bad trace and said enough with this.

We need to all agree that we disagree on the matter but this has gone on long enough.




Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Controversy