Daily Prompt: Massive

Sometimes I sense when the massive storm is going to hit my life

and sometimes I can stand tall during the whole situation.

But, lately I feel like the storm is winning and maybe I have met my match

and I don’t know who I will be when this thing is over.

Will I still be so nice or will my walls be back up and this time stronger than before and maybe I won’t even bat an eye lash as you walk by me.

I won’t show emotions or even acknowledgment and I know that will just shock you for I always greet you.

But, I just feel this storm might just tear down everything that I have become in a matter of seconds.

And when I come out I won’t be so sweet anymore, maybe more sour than ever and I’m not sure you can handle who I will become.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Massive