Daily Prompt: Pattern

You see my life is like a pattern

because no two paths I’ve been on before are ever the same.

I design my way through like with different thoughts and ideas

Some I let out and they create a great outlet for me.

But, some get stuck inside my head to end up disappearing before they can breathe the light of day.

So many of my mistakes are on a pattern of endless loops that just end up at the same place.

Because sometimes even when I go a different way I end up making the same mistake and just maybe the mistake isn’t as bad as before.

For I catch myself in the act and so before I have completely done it, I retract my steps  and go a different way or think of another way of reacting.

I hope one day my quilt of the patterns of my life  leads to a happy ending and someone else can look at the end result and learn from all that I have gone through and choice to do so many things differently.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Pattern