Daily Prompt: Nuance

I texted you and show how in all the things I said you seem to see a different meaning to everything.

Which left me so confused for there was nothing to read between the lines

what was said was quite simple.

Nothing left to code as if there was a hidden message

in a simple hello, how are doing? And are we still on for Friday?

It all came out as if we hadn’t talked in a while and that you were going to bail

as if I thought you couldn’t commit to hanging out.

I tried to calm you down and after an hour of going back and forth

you finally just gave up and said the answer I had to been looking for all along.

I’m good, and yea were still on for Friday.

Sometimes a little nuance can be quite annoying when there nothing to discover in the end.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Nuance


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