Daily Prompt: Nervous

I didn’t want my nervous to get me

as I stood there waiting for my turn to come.

I kept replaying the same words all over in my head

hoping they would all come out right.

This presentation was very important and I just really had

to blow them out of the water If I wanted to win it this year.

I was tired of coming in second place when I knew what I needed to

do to win first.

And so as I walked on that stage I knew I had what it took to win this thing

I just had to believe and trust that I could get through this and not worry about

the things that would set my nerves on fire.

Just smile and read and when it is all said and done I won because, I was good enough and I guess second isn’t bad after all.

But, this year I walked off that stage with a smile on my face and first place trophy in my right hand.

Wishing them all a good year and that there was always next year to get up there and face their fears and come out on top.




Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Nervous