My Wind

Like  the wind you blew into my life unexpected

You swept me off my feet so fast I feel so light-headed

But, I won’t start complaining for I’ve never smiled so much in my life as I am right now.

Your laugh blows me around and around like the strong wind outside

Your always seem to be giving me the strength I need to get through the storm of the day.

You never seem too tired when it comes to me.

I always have time to listen to the crazy stories of your childhood as we get to know each other.

You never seem to hold it against me when my flaws out shine my strength

You blow away all the bad things that try to take a hold of me.

Sometimes I feel I’m going to wake up and this is just going to be a dream but, it’s not and I feel just so lucky.

You’re the wind below my wings and your blowing me higher and higher everyday that I feel I can accomplish all my dreams sooner than I thought.




Written By: Deirdre Stokes