Daily Prompt: Passport

To take a trip across the world sometimes requires a passport. And as one travels it begins to be filled up with stamps from different places. Those journeys leaves you with a lifetime of memories. And your thoughts of those times always seem to bring a smile to your face.     Written By: Deirdre…Read more »


Is something my body doesn’t seem to have much time to do. For so many things I’m responsible for that the simple things have to be put on hold. My body is always on alert mode and there is no time to truly just sit down and relax for there is always a timer ready…Read more »


I wonder about what happened to you but I know your future isn’t my concern anymore. As I move on in the present sometimes you slip back into my mind as if something just needed me to think about our time together. But, as quickly as you come you disappear and I’m happy for the…Read more »

Daily Promp: Territory

He barks with authority to warn all that this is his territory. His small but strong and determined to get his message across. But, in all truth his bark is just for dogs to humans his just cute and quite the Barker.     Written By: Deirdre Stokes Daily Prompt: Territory