Daily Prompt: Center

I walk across the center of the stage and I shake your hand and I take my diploma

leaving behind years of studying and designing projects.

To been thrown out into the real world and to be rejected at every corner

and maybe in a way it was a good thing.

For I found my true purpose and I found my way to God,  the path I walk on now is very much unknown to me.

I know my passions and talents and where I will end up is still unknown to me but I have not ever felt so alive than I do now.

I work and I smile at everyone and I don’t think back on the things that didn’t work out for and I’m slowly not thinking about the people who were in my past.

Somethings are best left in the past and now it’s time to move on to my present which sometimes feels kind of lonely but I’ve grown more now with the time I have on my own.

I wish sometimes to be apart of the center of your life but I understand that the center of your life isn’t as wide as it used to be and now only a few stand still and wait to greet you.




Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Center


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