To the words that used to have meaning

to us.

Those words I can’t seem to understand now as they just seem to

be made of lies and a past I want to forget.

The memories of that day play on every time I fall asleep like a movie on pause it

just starts where I left off every time I have a moment of doubt.

But, I’m afraid  the pain is not enough some days to keep me away

I have to keep talking myself out of doing this all over again.

Like my mind has forgotten what I went through and I don’t regret saying goodbye or thinking of you sometimes.

But, I know  I’m in such a better place that I would not ever go back and do it all over again because If I hadn’t fallen down so badly.

I wouldn’t have gotten the strength to get myself back up and realize there is more to me than meets the eye and this time is my time.

And, even though I may seem lonely, I am never alone and in the end I am someone who won’t let anyone walk all over them again.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes