Happy Valentine’s day

This day is just another day to some people because their love

is shared with each other every day.

Today maybe they put just a little more touch to the love they have for their other half

backing the love that is so divine and unconditional and just down right unexplainable.

The words and actions they may be able to do, sometimes still doesn’t measure how they feel for that person.

Today may go by quickly but tomorrow the memories will have settled and nothing they could do would make you stop loving them.

But, only time will tell if it was all for show or they will continue to wow you with their love for love isn’t something that simple lasts a day with them.

They are committed to the relationship and the growth and everyday to them is day to share and treasure the love they have for you.

So enjoy today whether your single or in a relationship for the love you have for yourself and others is just as important today as it was yesterday.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes