I had

my reasons to walk closer to you and not fear the outcome

for it was you, I’ve been searching for.

You looked so relaxed as you seem to have just got off work and just arrived at happy hour.

You were in the middle of taking off your tie and as you started to glance around the bar your glance hit mine and a smile slowly appeared on your face.

As you confidently waved me over to your table, I knew I should be on alert but I felt safe staring into your eyes.

We talked for hours until it was time for the bar to close, we exchanged numbers and said our good night.

I got in my cab and told the driver the directions and as we drove away I watched you disappear until you were out of sight.

That night I knew that I would hear from you and see you again.

That night didn’t just change my life, it changed our lives and the path we ended up on was far better than we could ever imagine.

It was like valentine’s day had come early this year for us and this was just the beginning of something great.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes




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  1. I loved this! How exciting and romantic! I think there is more you need to explore and share with us. We want to hear more!!!

    I love to hear about the twist and turns of life that lead us on the path to our SoulMates. I think you would enjoy my Valentine’s Day Reflections?? Come visit.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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