Daily Prompt: Lukewarm

Your attitude told me all that I needed to know when you halfheartedly

committed to the things we had to do that day.

Every little comment you said was just another way to get out of it.

You didn’t want to come but you did anyway and now I was becoming miserable too

but I fought through it so we could get this project done and then be able to go our separate ways.

As you drained yourself to every booth and didn’t say hi to anyone and then practically ran when it was over.

I just smiled and walked away because maybe one day you will wish you had just slowed down and appreciated the little things that happened that day.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Lukewarm

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4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Lukewarm

  1. You really captured a universal experience so well. If I had closed my eyes and had you read this to me I would be seeing a lot of reruns in my head. It is a more considerate thing to be “somewhat” engaged in these situations though, isn’t it?

    Doing things we don’t really want to do is part of the deal. Most guys know this and have more skill at disguising it than the situation you describe. Most guys know you have to abide by the old cliche – “go along, to get along – to get the girl” – Ha! Or the other one “Happy wife, Happy Life”.

    Well done!

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