It’s all you got

and even when they tell you to let it go

you just continue to let it grow.

You don’t care about the outcome

You just scream from the top of your lungs

as your heart starts to beat faster and the words just keep pouring out.

When will you stop?

When your all alone and there is no one to hear the words

or will you continue to yell in an empty house.

Eventually, you will go mad and yell all the time walking around and just one wrong

look will get you going and nothing will stop you.

Until one day it will be too much for your heart and it will slowly

start to beat slowly and then it will be over.

And I wonder what will be your last thoughts as the world around you

finally goes dark.

Will you have wished you had got that forgiveness or will you just not even care?

If only you had listened to me when I let anger go for it doesn’t help me grow it only holds one back.

Will you let anger go and live a life with purpose and so much growth or will you end up like the person above with no hope or light at the end of their road.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes