by the feelings growing inside.

Sometimes I confused them because I care too much

and I just want to fight your battles even though I know you

can fight just fine by yourself.

It’s hard to walk away when the things that hurt you, hurt me too.

I want the best for you and I don’t stop to worry about myself for I know

God has all my worries and hope in his hand.

So I pray like crazy for things to be better for you not because I pity or feel sad for you

but because I know your strong enough to do it all on your own but, something inside of me just doesn’t want you to have to do it alone anymore.

Like a guardian angel I watch over you and listen to your thoughts as you share them and hoping one day I’ll hear about your life truly taking the turn I knew it always would.

And being so proud and happy that I’m not the only one on the right path to a life that even in the toughness times I still see the hope at the end of a very dark tunnel.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes



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