It’s a long

path to travel and yet the words have always been there and as I hear the music come on I know that I’ve run out of time.

It’s now or never for me to just spill it all and as I sit here I’ve just finally feel the feeling of your peace wash over me.

And as I pull up to your place and I jog to your door in the rain, I didn’t care how I may look because I just needed to get it all out.

So I knocked on your door like a crazy women and after five minutes you finally came to the door.

Half a sleep but alert enough to know that whoever was knocking on your door at this time of night better have a good excuse.

You open the door about to speak your mind but when your eyes land on me you don’t say a damn thing.

You just stare and swallow like your so nervous that I’m here and shocked and surprised all at the same time.

And then all I had to say flies right out my mouth as if I’m about to not exist anymore and the last thing.

I said was I love you and I just had to get that off my chest or it would drive me insane.

You look at me with your blue eyes that are so cloudy right now, with so many emotions running around inside of you.

Then it all just settles and a look of relieve falls on your face and you smile and you say, “It’s about time you come to your senses and get in here before you catch a cold and, I love you too.”

Ending that long path with a happy ending with so many great beginnings too.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes