floating around in my head as I try to recall the specific moment that I just truly fell in love

with music that every time I have writers block or just need a pick up.

All I know is the moment my headphones go on and the music starts to play in my ears this feeling of happiness just flows inside me and I smile for the little things in life that may be bothering me just disappear.

And I’m transported into a world of nothing but great moods and feelings of pure happiness and it just makes me appreciate the voice singing to me.

For who would I be if music wasn’t available to me?

A question I don’t know the answer to but, I do know who I am today has a lot to do with God and somewhere a long the way he opened my ears for music just means more to me.

He opened a new door to me and that specific moment changed everything for me and there hasn’t been a day that I have forgotten that.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Specific