I want to

disappear when you are  near me.

But, invisibility isn’t a trait I’ve developed and so every time you come around I try with all my might not to turn into jello.

I want to act normal and not feel like when you’re around I can’t seem to stop the fast beating of my heart.

The slowness of the time we spend together but some how you seem so calm and collected.

You smile and the wood inside of me catches fire and warmth spreads inside of me and the coldness of the winter soon fades from my mind.

You dance around me like the flames of the fire dancing around inside of me, your movement so smooth and defined.

You are the bright star I’ve been looking for every night I look up at the sky and wonder what is it that’s missing from my life.

You came out of nowhere and you stamped your claim on my life, my heart before I could blink an eye.

And you made it clear you won’t going anywhere and in my heart and my mind I believed and trusted your word.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes





5 thoughts on “I want to

  1. This was so young and so fresh without being clichéd. So vibrant with just a touch of vulnerability. It brought me back to my young years being a fledgling at romance. Thank you for the ride.

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  2. PS. The wood catching fire was unexpected, both in the usage of the metaphor (it hints at some darkness, some reckless passion, when before that point the person speaking was bashful and innocent–glorious turning point!) and as a landmark in the progression of your language (it was at that point when it leapt from being a Taylor Swift type confessional to a full blown poem).

    Again, this piece took me back. Bless your heart, sweet young lady.

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