So strong

is  your will to carry on and some may say how can you feel this way when the world is not always a great place to be.

How can you smile and skip when you have the same struggles in your life as I do and I just can’t seem to pick myself up?

But, there you are smiling and going with the motion and not letting all the craziness get you down.

But, you see even the happiness person can be sad too but they choose to let that emotions be in that moment and move on to better things.

They don’t let it bubble up inside because, they have learned that lesson many times over and over again.

So, smiling to them and being happy in the moment is the brighter side of their life even when they have so many questions in their life that is still not answered.

They have learned to keep moving but to not just be getting by but truly throwing themselves into the fire.

And when it gets too hot they back out just a little bit, yet they never give up.

They choose to change their mind set and believe they can do this all they must do is take a minute and breath because life only gets better if you are fully in it and fighting with all your have.

Because no one is your biggest cheerleader then yourself and once you believe and trust yourself, you will be unstoppable on your best and worst days.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes