Daily Prompt: Hopeful

I want to be hopeful that as today ends that great things will be coming my way this new year.

And that everything I need will be presented to me and I will live my life the way God wants me to.

That  I will continue to see the greatest inside of me and to trust my gut when things seem off.

That I will continue to make the right decisions and not let worldly things distract me from my true purpose in life.

I’m so hopeful that everything will be ten times more great than they already are.

Nothing but positivity flowing through me that I could just burst with happiness and light the sky with fireworks.

Hopeful that all dreams will come true  and more people will be believe that they can do the impossible if they just believe just a tiny bit.

Being alive is a hopeful moment every morning when you wake up and realize you  have another chance to make things right with your life.

That yesterday wasn’t the end and your problems won’t as big as you thought they were,

being hopeful gives me so much joy that I hope that I will be hopeful for the rest of my life.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Hopeful

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